Considerations for Lending & Insurance

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How Do CropIn’s Machine Learning Algorithms Detect Crops?

Any in-depth analysis of crop production using agriculture technologies begins with the detection of crops using remote-sensing images derived from earth observation satellites. These satellites are positioned…

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What Is the Best Fit for Smart Farming?

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Technology that helps secure the future of those who feed us

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How AI is Powering Productivity and Profitability

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Smart Farming Technologies

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Using technology to empower farming communities to grow food smarter in a rapidly

Data-driven insights derived from satellite and ground data make scientific cultivation a reality for farmers. From farmer digitisation to meticulously planned and implemented development programs, smart farming technologies provide a solution for sustainable cultivation and improves farmer livelihoods the world over.

Enabling Businesses to Ensure Scalability, Security, and Ease of Use

CropIn Technology

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