Banner Image — A farmers’ market in India — “How Is Technology Pivotal In Strengthening FPOs”

How Is Technology Pivotal In Strengthening FPOs?

Infographic — India As Agricultural Economy: Facts and Figures
The Agriculture Sector in India

How Is Technology An Enabler of Better Management, Increased Efficiency, and Enhanced Productivity In FPOs?

A centralised digital platform for effective management of resources:

Implementation of climate-resilient practices from sowing till harvest:

  • Sow the best quality seeds that are resilient to local pests and diseases
  • Execute farming activities such as seed and land preparation, sowing, irrigation, and crop protection at the right intervals based on weather forecasts
  • Apply the most appropriate and the correct quantity of crop chemicals exactly when required
  • Forecast and schedule a more fruitful harvest

Agronomy services to improve yield while mitigating crop loss:

Post-harvest management services for end-to-end traceability:

Lucrative market linkages secured through yield prediction:

Securing hasslefree financial services with minimum paperwork:

Dissemination of critical information regarding government schemes and initiatives:



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