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SmartFarm®: A Tailor-Made Digital Solution For Plantation Crops

In many developing countries, plantation agriculture serves as the vital cog in the socio-economic development of rural agrarian communities. The cultivation of a wide selection of these perennial crops, including tea, coffee, cocoa, cashew, coconut, rubber, oil palm, and areca nut, along with several spice crops, provide year-round employment opportunities, not only to farmers or the ‘pickers’ directly associated with the farms but also to those employed in horizontal and vertical linkages in the value chain. Their livelihoods are further strengthened by the continuing demand for these commodities due to the ever-increasing purchasing power of consumers, and the foreign exchange earnings these cash crops generate from export to premium markets.

Over the last few decades, transformation in the agricultural sector, owing chiefly to the adoption of scientific and technology-led practices, has resulted in an increase in productivity for producers of plantation crops. Notably, digital solutions have made it easier for agri-enterprises to manage and monitor crops more efficiently. Agribusinesses around the world have leveraged CropIn’s SmartFarm® to digitise on-field processes for crops such as banana, coffee, cocoa, palm, and rubber, among others. The farm management solution has improved visibility over farm activities for the managers and has enabled the organisations to provide the farmers with better inputs and information for quality yield.

How Has CropIn Added Value For The Different Crop Value Chains?

Crop: Cocoa and Soy; Country: Togo

Crop: Banana; Country: India

Implementing CropIn To Digitise Banana Supply Chain — A Client Success Story.

Crop: Cocoa; Country: Ghana

Crop: Coffee; Country: Ethiopia

Because Not One Tree Is The Same As The Other

  • Configure POP at the plant level, manage tasks and activity plans individually
  • Handle distinct POPs for multiple crops in the same field
  • Designate POPs based on the plant’s age
  • Assign and manage farm resources/labourers on plantations for specific tasks
  • Calculate the cost of operations (including farm resources/equipment/labour charge) within the system
Representative image of SmartFarm’s interactive dashboard

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