Banner Image: “Unlocking The Potential Of New-Age ‘Digital’ Farmers — A Mercy Corps Success Story”

Unlocking The Potential Of New-Age ‘Digital’ Farmers — A Mercy Corps Success Story

Youth: The Changemakers In The New Era of Agriculture

  • As primary producers using technology to increase returns on often small parcels of land and provide constant market information, pricing, and access.
  • As field agents offering services to farmers such as extension support (often facilitated via a digital innovation) and various financial services such as loan, and insurance agents and inspectors.
  • Directly in the value chain as aggregators, logisticians, mechanisation support, etc
  • Product and Service Development for Smallholders
  • Last Mile Distribution Networks
  • Farmer Capability Tool Development and Testing
  • Technology Startup Acceleration
  • Alternative Data & Credit Scoring

DigiFarm: The Champion Of Strategic Partnerships To Uplift Livelihoods



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